Newsletter: Focus to B2B Corporate English and Upskilling

In December 2019, Lana Learn refined focus to business to business (B2B) customers. While in Vietnam, we discovered our team's strong comparative advantage in B2B networks from previous international work. With a spike in demand for specialized English workplace skills for U.S. global companies, we closed our first B2B company shortly thereafter in December 2019, second one in January 2019, and kicked off programs in February 2020.

STICKLEY INTERNATIONAL: Vietnam is home to Stickley International, Ltd., the wholly-owned furniture factory of Stickley. Stickley employs more than 1500 staff with 3 manufacturing plants, 14 company-owned stores, and retail dealers with corporate headquarters in Manlius, New York.

AXON COMPANY: Axon Enterprise, Inc. is a U.S. public company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Formerly known as Taser for its namesake product, the company has expanded to include technology and weapons for law enforcement and civilians. Axon has technology teams in Seattle and Ho Chi Minh City.

EMPLOYEE PROGRAMS: Our B2B partners recognize the need for workplace and English skills in a global world. An example of how we help teams:

  • Eric works for a fast-growing U.S. technology company with an office in Vietnam.

  • Eric is a talented coder and team leader, but he struggles to present to visiting American executives.

  • Lana helps Eric improve workplace, linguistic, and cross-cultural skills with personalized online courses.

Lana Learn is a premier global online training platform that advances English language and workplace skills. Powered by data-driven technology, we prepare teams to engage cross-culturally in the future of work. Lana Learn has over 200 specialized English workplace skills courses

  1. More B2B Partners: to accelerate growth, we joined the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam with 540 member companies.

  2. Vietnam Manager: we are hiring a Vietnam program manager to oversee local operations for customer success.

  3. Share Our Story: we have been invited to share our work at the Global Silicon Valley Conference in San Diego on March 30.

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