The Lana Learn Hiring Process

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Lana Learn is a dynamic, dedicated, and diverse team of education professionals. We are constantly seeking passionate and skilled English teachers to support our innovative online English platform. Lana Learn connects North American teachers with some 2 billion people learning English around the world at any given time. Our initial target markets are China, Vietnam, and Thailand, and we plan to soon expand to the rest of Asia and Latin America.

Are you interested in teaching online with Lana Learn? Here is our screening and interview process, which aims to attract the best teachers with previous experience and who share our value of educational results for our students.

1) Application

Candidates have greater success when their experience matches Lana Learn’s job requirements, and they make that apparent to us on their resume. It’s also helpful to clearly describe previous positions and responsibilities.

Have you taught online before? Even if it wasn’t related to your day job, these skills are still important to the role of online English teacher. Let us know, and tell us about the tools you utilized. Have you taught other subjects? Some of our English courses are topic-specific and cover hospitality, engineering, math, and college preparations, and more.

We don’t require a cover letter when you apply, but if you submit one, make sure it’s written thoughtfully and reviewed for typos or other mistakes.

2) Review

Members of our team (yes, actual people) read each application. Our goal is to look for candidates who meet the basic qualifications and would be a good fit to the team.

You should also check out our post on what makes a good online teacher for an idea of what we’re looking for in the review process.

Please note that your application is important to us. While we would like to be able to connect with all applicants, we regret that the volume of applications does not always allow our team to make personal contact with everyone who applies.

3) Written Assessment

Since we support English learning in speaking, reading, and writing; the next step in the process is a written assessment. It is important for us to see a candidates’ motivation in completing this part of the application process and review their writing abilities. Be sure to spend time reviewing your answers for typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings. Also, make sure to use complete sentences.

The written assessment is also a good opportunity for candidates to discuss relevant experiences that they didn't include on their resume, or to expand further on a past role. We take care to read all responses.

4) Interview

Our interviewing process attempts to give us a holistic view of a candidate. We try our best to get to know you and ask candidates to describe their past work and accomplishments, and how they relate to our position. We also want to know about candidates’ passions and hobbies, especially as they relate to cross-cultural experiences.

Our interviews are all through our proprietary online video application to replicate the experience of teaching and learning online. During the interview, we ask about classroom management skills, availability, and professional experience.

We will also ask you to simulate a simple, brief teaching demonstration. This allows us to review the candidates’ education style and technological capabilities, including screenshare. Being able to translate in-person teaching skills to a digital sphere is critical for this role.

5) Offer

After the interview, the interviewer compiles their notes into comprehensive feedback that is shared with the rest of the hiring team. If the team is in agreement, we will make an offer to the candidate to join Lana Learn as an English teacher.

A Lana Learn team member will then walk you through the details of the offer and answer any questions you may have. We will send an electronic agreement for you to sign, which will include the details of your hiring package. Our teachers are paid $15 to $20 per hour, depending on the type of class being taught, which the agreement will outline in detail.

6) On-boarding

Members of our team guide new teachers through the on-boarding process step-by-step. We will get you set up for scheduling and payroll and then offer trainings to provide you with the tools you need to be a great online English teacher. Tutorials and support are always available, even for seasoned Lana Learn teachers. Our goal is to support you and to make it as easy as possible for you to help us change the world through education.


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