5 Reasons to Teach Online with Lana Learn

With the field of online education growing so rapidly, more and more teachers are intrigued by the option of online teaching. If you are wondering whether you should make the leap, why not be a teacher with Lana Learn? Lana Learn is a top-of-the-line English education service connecting students around the world with real American teachers. Keep reading to discover five reasons you should be an online teacher with Lana Learn!

1. Location Independent

Location independence is one of the biggest draws to online teaching for people. There are hundreds of blogs featuring people who teach English to fund their journeys around the world. Online teaching also provides opportunities for those who are in locations with fewer available jobs, or those who need geographic flexibility for personal reasons. Whatever your reason, the internet has proven to be an effective platform for to expand the world for teachers and students. Some companies require online teachers to use an elaborate background set-up, but Lana Learn cares more about professional appearances. We encourage our educators to have a plain or blank background so that students are focused on the screen and on their teacher. With that in mind, you can be almost anywhere in the world, as long as you have a steady internet connection and a quiet space to work.

2. Flexible Hours

Having a flexible schedule is another major reason people love teaching online. Like many opportunities in the digital economy, many people teach online in addition to a day job. Others are retirees who want extra income to supplement their Social Security checks, but don’t want the commitment of driving into a job every day or working a minimum number of hours. Lana Learn lets teachers set their schedules and take on as few, or as many students as they would like. The setup with Lana Learn is great for everyone’s busy lives.

3. Competitive Pay

Everyone could use some extra cash! Teachers in the United States are notoriously underpaid, and the minimum wage changes drastically between cities and states. However, Lana Learn offers a consistent $20 per hour, which is higher than the minimum wage in any state or city. We pay our teachers what they’re worth.

4. Professional Development

While we look for people who have teaching backgrounds, the integration of technology to our teaching means that you will also add technology prowess to the professional repertoire. In addition to increased technology familiarization, Lana Learn has a real curriculum to teach all aspects of English learning (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), and in specific fields such as hospitality or engineering. This is a professional setting where you will gain real teaching and cultural experience. If you are looking to add something worthwhile to your resume, this is a great opportunity.

5. Cultural Exchange

Our students aren’t just in one country and in big cities! Lana Learn has a goal of social impact: to connect with students everywhere, who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to interact with experienced English teachers from the United States. Plus, our teachers get the opportunity to learn about new cultures through authentic connections that they build with their students. The World Economic Forum estimates that roughly 1.5 billion speak English, but only 400 million as their first language. That’s so many people you could meet and impact!

Teach English, Expand Your World

The integration of digital technology into education has made a profound impact on students and teachers alike. Lana Learn is taking advantage of the flexibility of online education to make quality learning an experience for everyone. Join the Lana Learn team today!


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