Our Mission


Lana Learn's mission is to advance e-learning services and solutions for everyone. Lana Learn is an innovative, proprietary online platform and videoconferencing tool powered by data-driven technology and original content to support businesses in growth and international connectivity. We connect live U.S. English and workplace skills coaches with organizations seeking to globalize their teams. We have 200 specialized English and business skills courses including networking, customer service, and public speaking.

Our Goals

 Power the next-generational e-learning platform

 Advance content in English and workplace skills

 Match learners with expert instructors

 Expand economic opportunity for learners

 Build cultural bridges and a community

Our Team

Based in Seattle, Lana Learn is an American company with a global client base of multinational organizations that have offices in Southeast Asia. Our program affiliates include software companies, manufacturers, as well as U.S. and foreign government agencies. Lana Learn’s advantages include: 1) Registered as a U.S. small, women-owned business; 2) user-friendly, scalable, and secure videoconferencing technology and teacher-student matching platform; 3) extensive network of vetted and trained teachers, coaches, and mentors; and 4) founder’s proven track record in international markets, education, and technology.

We have a simple mission. E-learning for everyone.
Let’s start,

info@lanalearn.com // 1449 South Main Street, Seattle, WA 98144

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