Consistency and Quality

To provide consistent language program results through a streamlined process that can be tailored to meet customer needs and requirements.

Language Implementation

To give our students the necessary language skills for real-world application and career development.  

 Cross-Cultural Experiences 

To provide students the capability and confidence to help facilitate cross-cultural partnerships through the medium of Language.   

Dynamic Learning

To offer a multi-faceted approach with 24/7 access to lessons and the innovative use of online programs. 

Teamwork and Support

To ensure our students receive educational support and feedback while promoting and facilitating collaboration and critical thinking. 

Who are our partners?

From Global Dignity, a nonprofit organization reaching 1.1 million youth in 80 countries, to the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Vietnam, Lana Learn partners with successful businesses and organizations to facilitate global learning experiences.


AmCham Vietnam

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan organization that exists to serve its members.


Global Dignity

Global Dignity is a nonprofit organization that seeks to unite everyone with the belief that we all deserve to live a life of dignity.



Axon is an Arizona-based company that develops technology and weapons products for law enforcement and civilians.